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Who are we?

Getting good quality custom ECU tuning was always a problem in Malta.

In the past, we had 3 options:

1. Get a off the shelf chip which currently is the 2nd best option, but will not get the max out of your engine and you will not be fine tune the chip to various engine modifications and, most importantly: Malta’s hot humid weather and low quality fuels. I have heard countless stories of people getting big name chips installed and engine being over fuelled, having a rough idle, rough acceleration or being very smokey (even petrol engines).

2. Fit a tuning box. Now this is a scam... How many tuning boxes have you opened? All you see is a (usually) black substance covering all the “magic circuitry” I’ve pulled apart a few tuning boxes (taken off client’s cars), in most cases all the box contained was a simple variable resister. This resister changes the signal from the fuel temperature sensor which tricks the ECU in thinking that fuel is cooler than it actually is, so that the diesel pump advance the pump timing, increasing diesel.

There are 3 problems with this:

Check engine lights: The ECU does see the reading as “out of range” and throws a CEL (Check engine light).

Lots of black smoke and a headache at VRT time.

A rough idle and a bumpy power curve.

3. You could also get in touch with a foreign tuner, send him your ECU and get mapped the correct way, but you’re left without a car for at least 2 weeks for every modification.

For these reasons I decided to represent 2 professional tuners in Malta. Both are highly experienced and have high quality software that will bring the most out of your engine without risking any damage. We also map the ECU for the specific engine modifications you may have done, including large or multiple turbos, large injectors, head work, cc increase etc etc.

Plus, you will not be without a car for any period of time, our files are also 100% reversible and no trace will be left.



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