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Can I map my car? What should I expect?
We work on most European cars which are ECU controlled.

Cars produced between 1995—1999:
We can map these ECUs, but we will have to physically change the chip in these as the ECUs were not yet programmable. All we need is to have the ECU for a few days to socket and replace the chip.

Cars produced between 2000—2007:
We map these ECUs through the car’s diagnostic port. We do no hardware changes, and tuning is 100% invisible (till you drive the car).

Cars produced from 2009—onwards:
These cars have a new high tech ECU which have a tri core processor (triple core) these have to be flashed on bench due to the increased security in these ECUs.

There are some modern cars that can not be flashed through the diagnostic port as their ECU does not allow data to be read off this. We now also have BDM tools that connect directly to the ECU to read and write data. Such cars include Smart, Some Opels, Mercedes Benz (for DPF Delete), Many Fiat (both petrol and diesel).

The largest gains will always be on Turbocharged vehicles. For these a conservative estimate would be that power/torque would increase by approx 25% peak (The vast majority of cars actually gain more). Naturally aspirated engines normally increase by approximately 10% peak. Both Turbocharged and n/a engine also have a healthy increase throught the power curve.

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